Friday, October 23, 2015


Dyckman Library is going to help our community STAY WARM THIS WINTER! We are hosting, if you will, a GIVE. TAKE. HELP. collection in our entry way! You may be thinking to yourself... what is she babbling about? Let me explain!

As I was going through our 'Hat Box' as I call it, I was sorting out tiny hats, and gloves that no longer fit my daughter. What am I going to do with these? I thought about donating them, but why make someone pay for something I want them to HAVE! An idea came to me, and I discussed it with my fellow librarians!

We are going to have a large box in the library entry way, and while you are digging out the winter necessities, which I am sure will be very soon, if you come across anything your family doesn't need anymore, bring it to the library and put it in the box! Give clean coats, gloves, hats, or scarfs! Just bring them in, and drop them off!

While you are dropping off the items you no longer need, you may arrive to see a few items already in the box that you could use! TAKE them! Don't have anything to give, but you could still use that hat and gloves? TAKE them! PLEASE! If they are needed, they are yours! Maybe you could REALLY use something, but you don't see it in the box. There will be a clipboard that you can write down any specific items that you really need. No names required. Write it down, and come check back to see if someone brought it. When/If you do get your requested item, cross it off the list!

Maybe you don't have anything to give, and you don't need to take anything to stay warm this winter! Do you still want to HELP make a difference? GREAT! Bring Fleece fabric to the circulation desk! I am going to be making hats to add to the box, and your help with the purchase of material would be very helpful!

GIVE what you don't need anymore! TAKE what you and your family need! HELP if you can!


It really is that simple.

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