Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Haunted Library

My favorite holiday is coming up soon, and I'm sure you can tell by today's blog title what it is. Halloween!

This year, I am in a unique place to celebrate... the library. I have lots of plans already in the works, but I will need a little assistance from the community of Sleepy Eye! We are always accepting donations, but in particular we will be in need of the following to make the month of October extra spooky: Halloween Decorations, Party Supplies, and most of all CANDY! If you have any questions about if we will accept something, don't be afraid to stop in, call, or comment on this post!

First off, there will be tons of Halloween Stickers to go around!! We have a sticker bowl at the circulations desk, and children are welcome to take one every time they visit the library!

All of my storytime themes during October will be Halloween themed, and all children attending are welcome to dress in costume, relating to the theme or not! I have a scary prize for each child who does! *CAcKLe, caCklE* By the way, after each storytime activity, I give out a sticker! Storytime is every Friday at 10 am, and all ages are welcome!

Movie Night is USUALLY the last Friday of every month, BUT Halloween this year is on the last SATURDAY, and I am going to take FULL advantage. We will be hosting a 'HALLOWEEN MOVIE MANIA"! Buh, Buh, BUuUuUuh! 4 MOVIES! Starting every other hour at Noon! Movie #1 will be rated G. Movie #2+3 will be rated PG. Movie #4 will be rated PG-13. This way we have a movie for EVERYONE! No doubt about it! You will be seeing more about this event as it draws near, so be sure to watch our Facebook page!

So in the spirit of taking full advantage of Halloween, Saturday we plan on turning the old part of the library into a 'Haunted Library'! (That is were donations will be needed most!) We will have candy for trick-or-treating, and snacks and treats for our Movie Mania attendees!

We want to offer the community a safe, family friendly Halloween option that is also full of spooky fun!

See you on Halloween................. Mwahahahahah!

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